The profession of pharmacy is noble in its ideal and character.

Pharmaceutical services are becoming valuable day by day to the society and assumed of greater importance.

The profession of pharmacy is reaching new heights and surely a person can built a bright future with pharmacy qualification.

Pharmacy is a subject of medicines, pharm herbals, drugs and therapeutic substances employed for relief, cure of ailments, diseases and well being of human beings. Pharmacist is a person who possesses an intimate knowledge of the drugs and he is an important member of the health care system.

Pharmacist is a vital link for nation’s health and he is the drug expert. He is the only trained person for the administration of the drugs.

The profession of pharmacy can offer a challenging, satisfying and rewarding career to the individual, whose interest lies in health to the public, business, hospital, pharmacy etc.,

The pharmacist will find many additional and excellent opportunities ranging from marketing, formulations, manufacturing and quality control in the field of pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry in India has grownup by leaps in the production of formulations and bulk drugs. A person can rise from the position of a supervisor to that of Production Manager, R & D Manager etc. In analytical wing a person with a basic degree in pharmacy can become a Quality Control Manager or Quality Assurance Manager.

The practice of pharmacy is a profession like other professions such as medical, legal etc., and as such strictly controlled by the Pharmacy Act.

Administration of various drug- plans and health care programmes of the Government at State and Central level require well-qualified pharmacists.

A Pharmacist with the proper qualification and experience can look forward to the position of Chief Pharmacist or Clinical Pharmacist in a Pharmacy Department of a Hospital.

The Pharmacist may serve as a Staff pharmacist in a chain drug store or in a managerial position. Most hospitals expanded their services in recent years and have a pharmacy department with employs a substantial number of staff Pharmacists.

Hospital Pharmacy departments under the control of pharmacists offer many services such as patient counseling, drug information services, drug selection & preparations etc.,

Pharmacist will find additional opportunities after having knowledge in recently introduced subjects like Community Pharmacy, Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy etc.,

Every pharmacist is having a bright and brilliant future in his career.

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